Facebook Social Ads Exposed

Facebook Social Ads Exposed

Facebook is one of the strongest Social Media and advertising tool. You can use it to successfully promote your products, but you can also spend a fortune without any effect. This eBook gives you practical advice how to get the maximum profit from your Facebook ad.

Table Of Contents

Section I: Facebook Social Ads Exposed

     How Facebook Social Ads Work

     A Case Study:  Zynga’s “Farmville”.

Section II: Getting Down to Business

     The Facebook Platform

     Facebook Ad Creation – The Process

     Facebook Fans

     Do Keywords Still Matter?

     What Type of Events or Items Can I Advertise?

     Should Facebook Ads Replace Google AdWords? 

Section III:  Maximizing your Facebook Exposure

     Sweepstakes and Contests

     Facebook Social Ad Branding

     Facebook Marketing Solutions

     Facebook Fan Pages

     7 Tips for Making the Most of your Facebook Fan Page

     Facebook Groups

Section IV: The Down Side of Facebook Ads

     9 Facebook Ad Mistakes

     The Privacy Issue


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