How to Take an Amazing Childbirth photo

How to Make an Amazing Photos from Childbirth

If you are a husband, a fiancé or a boyfriend and you are attending the birth of your child, you will experience some of the strongest emotions you are capable of feeling. When you are suffering from the hard times that life throws at you, the memory alone will keep you standing on your own two feet. The power of that moment, the moment when the body of your new born child is offering unlimited love, you realize how, during the pregnancy, that love was just a thought, but now it's real, and it is right there in front of you, and you can do nothing but return the love with more intensity and raw emotions.

Our children are not accessories of belonging, they are time sensitive gifts from God, and the clock begins the moment your child is born.

Enjoy the time you get to spend with your child, because every second is precious and each memory and all the best moments you spend together should be stored safely. Their first step, first word, first lost tooth and their first report card from school are some of the most important moments in your child's life. The emotions you feel are notable.

However, nothing compared to childbirth. Nothing overwhelms you with emotion like the first breath your child takes.

If you've already been blessed with your new arrival, you mostly likely know someone who is waiting for their own. Offer them this book as a gift. This book was created with love, the deepest of emotions and with the use of my own memories of my own child's birth. (Find kindle version of this Ebook on

My own experience

It is my own photos which adorn the cover of this book. Although they may seem good, I must admit that when I took them, I was no adequately prepared for what that moment was going to offer me. Had I had access to this book at that very moment, I know that I would have been able to capture a much better photo with improved quality.

Maybe capturing that moment on video was an option, but despite having my video recorder on my person at the time, I was wholly unprepared. I did not make even 1 second of video record.

My friends ask me how I made this book and how they should prepare themselves. I now know, and offer my advice. The reason I have written this book is because I do not want expecting fathers be as unprepared to their own child's birth as I was. I made mistakes and I don't want you to do the same and not be able to capture excellent photographs or videos. 

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