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We offer flexible ways to get involved in our website. You can easy earn money without any initial investment. You do not need even hours of you time. Here is, what you should do..

Become an affiliate

Generate your income immediately! When you become an affiliate partner, you can sell our products to your customers.

How it''s done:

  1. Register: The registration to become an affiliate is free, and it will only take about five minutes to complete. From there, you can immediately start to sell the products. Unlike many places, we do not require you to give an initial investment to us. After you log in, you will see a unique code in your admin area. This will identify you, as well as your customers visiting our website page. You will also see other useful information in the dashboard, including: how many people saw your product, bought it, downloaded a free version of it, and your actual resulting earnings.
  2. Promote the products: Get the word out anywhere you can! Some great starting points are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your website. You can either lead your customers to our front page, where they can choose any products they like, or directly link them to your products (this works best if you have more than one product). Typically, people will not dismiss it if it sounds interesting – and is free of charge.

Below are the information you will see in your admin area:

  1. The number of people saw your product 
  2. The number of downloaded free versions 
  3. The number of people bought the products 
  4. Your actual earnings


**NOTE: You can ask for payment gathered on your account, but you must have €50 in your actual earnings. If you have less, you will be charged with a €3 admin fee.

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