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Watch out for scams

Along with the development of online earning methods, an equal number of scam softwares have crept in and attracted people to easy and quick money. If you bought some of our DVDs, you already know that before you get the money, you must give some value. Be vigilant – do not trust proposals that seem too good to be true.

How do you recognize them?

Many scams have common features, which are easy to reccognize:
  • Luxury – Scammers present themselves as rich people, driving in expensive cars and living in big houses. Explanation: The cars are rented, the plates are often hidden. Sometimes they even rip a clip of a driving car from a video. Videos of rich houses are done when the scammer masquerades to the realtor as a potential buyer to get inside. You can verify this one yourself by trying to find family photos on the walls.
  • Deep story – Scammers say they were highly indebted, or the bank took their house. Explanation: It's a relatable situation, which many of us know very well and dream of escaping. Some of the story might be truth, but most of it is lies to make you feel badly for them.
  • Excellent idea – They have an excellent idea, and they started earning thousand of dollars every month as a result. Explanation: It's possible to have a great idea; if you watch DVDs, there are many out there, and it's not difficult to take one. This idea might realistically earn some money, but usually the ideas in the stories are distorted. You learn only how much you can earn, but not how difficult it is to execute the idea.
  • Easiness of earning money – You can earn money by just a few clicks. Explanation: You can NEVER earn a money by just a few clicks. If it would be so simple, why bother presenting the idea to anyone else? All online income requires work (sometimes weeks or months), and only afterwards can you earn your pay.
  • Shown income in bar chart – Usually seen on Clickbank or similar affiliate systems. And they don't forget to say, that YOU can have this income. Explanation: There is a SW that can simulate your income in graph form. Seing thousands of dollars coming monthly into your account is very attractive.
  • They love you, so they share the idea with you – But do not tell it to anybody else! Explanation: If you received the offer in your spam box in your e-mail, isn't there the probability that this message was received by another 100,000 people? Why would they share such an excellent idea with so many others?
  • Video – Shows "real" people who earned "real" money online. Explanation: Even if the scene looks realistic, all these people are just paid actors.
  • Small fee – Required to support the authors. Explanation: If someone declares himself earning $20,000 each month, why they are asking you to support them? Especially after they said that they share idea with you for free? This trick is to charge your credit card. Once you give them the card, they offer you the software training and another services. Forget any promises about money-back guarantees. You will NEVER see any money at all from this deal.

How do you avoid them?

  • Check forums and other comments about the website. If you do not find any negative feedback ( is a reliable source), check the owner's location and the age of the webpage. So, if the seller's domain is very fresh, especially a couple months old, bad comments are likely very deep in a Google search.
  • Call the seller directly. If there is a real person you can speak with, not an answering machine, then ask the questions. This should give you an idea if the company is properly registered and has a real office.
  • NEVER pay by credit card through suspicious payment service. There are many veriefied online payment systems where you can be sure that your payment will not be abused. The best one is PayPal, which will guarantees a certain period to cancel a payment. (You can find it on the address line on the webpage, where it will ask you to type your credit card number.)
  • Do not trust the Money Back Guarantee sticker! In fact, many scams have this sticker on their website, but they will never pay you back.

What if you already paid a scammer?

You probably found this website too late. You bought the product and now see that something is wrong; you have gotten something completely different than described. The best thing is to immediately block your credit card. Even if you paid by PayPal, it might be some time until the money is paid back to you.


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